Virogreen MIDDLE EAST FZ LLC offers exclusive E waste management services to organisations all over UAE and with our state of the art technology and decades of experience. With our strict adherence to the guidelines, we can assure of an effective and safest disposal of Ewaste in Dubai.

Virogreen provides effective global e waste management in Dubai & PAN UAE

We provide all kinds of e-waste management services tailored according to modern organisational needs. From the point of collecting e-wastes till their disposal

Electronics & Electrical waste disposal

We help you to dispose of all kind of electrical equipment such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, mercury lead-based products, batteries and other electrical equipment. Our E waste management process also accepts electronic equipment such as CRT monitors, printers, electronic boards, and scanners with proper safety structure.


We strive to collect and segregate electronic waste and recycle back to its original material. We provide innovative and one stop electronic waste recycling and processing solutions which yield high quality output and maximize customer returns. Our solutions confirm to the highest Environmental, Health and Safety standards.” We have cutting-edge technology, highly advanced techniques and a team of diligent professionals, which assist us in developing processes that can effectively take care of all scrap disposal needs.

Data security

We help you in securely disposing your old tech data. With our highly efficient mechanical shredding technology, we ensure you a cent percent data destruction with no possible chance of further data extraction through nay wrong hands.