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Ewaste Management Recycler in DubaiEwaste Management Recycler in DubaiEwaste Management Recycler in DubaiEwaste Management Recycler in Dubai

Why Choose Us?

E-Waste Collection | E-Waste Management | Data Security

Date Security

Destruction of E-Waste with assured Data degaussing and destruction of any storage devices.

Effective Management

Valuable handling of E-Wastes for proper recycling solutions.

Computer Mother board
Door to Door recycling

Outdated E-Wastes will be picked up from your facility with the help of e-waste logistics services.

Prevents contamination

Proper e-waste management ensures Air, Water & Soil contamination from dangerous Toxicmaterials.

Services & Solutions

We provide dedicated e-waste management services to help you get rid of old technology. You need not to be worried about E-waste collection since we provide the service of picking up e-waste from your Business environment.
Ewaste Management Recycler in Dubai
Corporate and consumer E-Waste

We collect outdated electronic assets used in corporate sector. We also use these refurbish or recycle these scraps for recurrent use.

Ewaste Management Recycler in Dubai
Electrical waste recycling

We offer comprehensive e-waste recycling service for effective re-use of electrical components with going through the shortage of raw materials.

Ewaste Management Recycler in Dubai
Electronic waste recycling

Consumer goods till the controlling boards are called as Electronics waste, particularly consists of silicon materials and a few other chemical containing components.

Ewaste Management Recycler in Dubai
Data Destruction

We offer reliable data destruction services and ensure 100% data security. Our data destruction is a three-step procedure to prevent data thrashing.

Ewaste Management Recycler in Dubai
Integrated Logistics solution

We ensure effective collection of e-waste within minimal time of scheduling pick-up and make sure that e-waste is transferred securely.

Ewaste Management Recycler in Dubai
IT Asset Disposition

We also offer IT Asset Disposition services for IT products such as Laptops, computers, telephones, tablets, smartphones and many more.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the locations you covered?

We server all major cities in UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

How to Make Appointment?

Sit, Relax. You can fix appoinment by contacting us by filling form on contact us page or call us on our office number.

Are you authorized?

Yes, we are authorized.

Ewaste Management Recycler in Dubai

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