E-Waste Management

E- waste Management Services
Management of E-waste in UAE need to be more careful about it not like the normal waste as domestic waste. The growing of this kind of waste is normal but in case to reduce the quantities, e waste awareness is the first choice as first line defiance to reduce the quantities, but it will not solve the problem as expected.

At the end of this waste, it have those three ways in which it will end up in the landfill:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover

2. Export

3. Dump

Reduce: Reducing the amount of waste you produce is the best way to help the environment

Reuse: Instead of throwing away articles try to find various efficient ways to reuse it. The first way is to reuse the product as a second hand use or third etc.

Recycle: Recycling is by taking the important parts of the product and use it somewhere else to be useful again to the consumers.

Export: From the other hand, the exporting is one of the choices but it will transfer the problem from your country to the other countries

It can be also worse for the other countries because the woman and children who will work with this transferred waste to find out about the wanted material from the waste.

An example in Ghana, they set up a fire to burin the E-waste to extract the wanted materials, this way will affect the environment and humans badly as smoke, ash, and other melting material in to the ground will made the damage

Dump: Dumping E-waste needs some design for the landfill as mentioned above and can be one of the choices.

Another solution can be added to E-waste in the UAE in general, in which it is EPR, the manufacturing companies are responsible to recycle the final disposal of E-waste. Environmental considerations must be accounted and by defining EPR Responsibilities can be shifted from municipalities to the producers. This will expand the responsibilities of the manufacturer to the end of life cycle of E-waste.

78% of respondent were aware about the adverse effects of E-waste and they prefer to handle the E-waste to E - waste Recycler if it is to be disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.