Data Destruction in Abu Dhabi

The data residing in different types of Information assets (IT Assets) such as tapes, hard disks, and other form of data storage devices or electronic media, is extremely important for the organization and the individuals responsible for creation and use. Data destruction refers to complete erasure or destruction of the data stored in the electronic data retention sheets that cannot be retrieved fully or partially by any means or methods, to read or use it.

The stored electronic data are either erased from the media using appropriate software or the metallic components containing the data or the device itself destroyed to bits by using an advanced shredder.

Data destruction or data sanitization is of prime importance for the consumers and organizations who offer their electronic devices for disposal and recycling. In such a scenario, the clients of a electronic waste management company expect foolproof evidence of complete sanitization of the contained data, before the electronic devices are collected for recycling. In many cases the clients may want the e-waste management company to sanitize the data on site that cannot be retrieved later.

Virogreen is a leading e-waste management company based that offer complete and full proof verifiable solutions for data destruction in UAE or sanitization services, including proper disposal and recycling of the hazardous electronic wastes. With world class cutting edge technologies and highly trained and experienced manpower, Virogreen has been providing specialized services for e-waste recycling and data destruction in Dubai for the electronic equipments, devices and other utilities.

We understand the sensitivities and privacy concerns of our clients relating to data security. Organizations, corporate bodies and business enterprises and individual clients, etc. can fully relay on us when it comes to data destruction or sanitization. Virogreen provides verifiable onsite and offsite services for data destruction in UAE that are advanced and way ahead form its competitors.