Ewaste in Jebel Ali

Ewaste in Jebel Ali | E Waste recycling centres in Jebel Ali | Ewate Collectors in jebel Ali

The 3R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – Cut down your e-Waste generation. Reuse still functioning electronic equipment by donating or selling them to others. Implement safe recycling of e-Waste through sustainable methods.


Electronic waste or e-waste is described as discarded electrical or electronic devices, being hazardous to human health and environment, destined to be reused, recycled or disposed of completely.


Data Security - High-value contents and data stored in tapes, hard disks and other storage devices are destroyed, involving process or processes completely, so that they can’t be accessed or uses further.


We effectively support and help our clients and partners in managing their e-Waste safely, cost-effectively and eco-friendly manner in jebel Ali. We are one of the topmost E-waste recyclers in Jebel Ali, offering tailored e-waste management solutions, so that our clients will remain free from the accumulated e-Wastes, keeping environment free from pollution.


Virogreen brings complete and comprehensive e-waste recycling in Jebel Ali, offering full proof and tested solutions regarding safe keeping and disposal of the e-Wastes through its sustainable and cutting age technologies for the proper use of e-Wastes. We are reaching out individuals, industries and organizations and are ready to serve and provide e-Waste management not only in Jebel Ali and but also across the entire region. Bringing the e-Waste products to our recycling location, you can be sure of recycling them safely and responsibly.


We provide complete solutions to our enterprise level clients such as Importers, manufactures and producers, even the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) starting from the planning, implementation, and target achievement of EPR to filling of the return of compliance with the regulatory authority.