e-waste Recycling in Saudi Arabia

As per an assessment, the Arab countries generate about 40 million tons of electronic wastes annually. The continuous accumulation of e-waste has gradually emerging as a problem having gigantic proportion, here and elsewhere, equally.

The trend of e-waste recycling in saudi arabia is picking up slowly requiring added momentum to quickly dispose the existing piles of e-wastes, where the active cooperation of the general public and enterprise level consumers and manufactures are extremely vital.

The uncollected and untreated e-wastes are a public health hazard. When the e-wastes are disposed by means of haphazard dispersion, careless incineration or burying in landfill, etc. the harmful effects of the e-wastes spread far and wide. The toxic of effects such e-wastes may percolate to the ground water or dissipate the air which in turn may endanger quality of human life, flora and fauna with irreparable long term effects.

With a futuristic longitudinal plan to offset the emerging problems associated with e-waste recycling in Saudi Arabia, the government, non-government organizations, business concerns, manufacturers, enterprises and others should act together along with the active services of the reputed companies engaged in e-waste recycling in Saudi Arabia.

Companies and organizations in need of expert services from an experienced e-waste recycling company can discuss with us about the cost effective and appropriate solutions available to solve their e-waste problems.