EPR Authorisation Plan

The Extended Producer Responsibility Authorization (EPR Authorization), when implemented obliges the producers in a country, such as importers, manufactures and entities engaged in refurbishing of Electrical and Electronic Equipments (EEE) products to shoulder the responsibility to assist in proper collection, recycling and disposal of the e-wastes/e-scraps generated by them through proper mechanisms, to address the problems of e-wastes.

The Extended Producer Responsibility Plan or EPR Plan requires that the companies wanting to dispose the EEE e-wastes originating from them by seeking an authorization from the government by outlining their target based actions for the collection, recycling and disposal of the end-to-end products.

The EPR Plan under the protocol of EPR Authorisation contains details about a compressive estimation of the e-waste generation by the company and target projection for achieving the e-waste sanitization target by proper mechanisms.

The philosophy behind the EPR Authorization & EPR Plan is that the producers of EEE e-wastes/scraps should take responsibility to evacuate, collect, recycle and dispose the e-wastes following a time plan and definitive mechanisms, to lessen the problem of EEE wastes. Further, the company is required to file annual/periodic returns with the regulatory authority indicating compliance.

Importers, manufactures and producers, including the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of electrical and electronic equipments can contact Virogreen to completely takeover the operation as required under EPR protocol. We provide complete solutions to our enterprise level clients providing services dealing related to planning, implementation, target achievement of EPR and filling of the return of compliance with the regulatory authority.