Global E Waste Management in Abu Dhabi

We bring in the appropriate technologies for global e-waste management in Abu Dhabi to individuals and organizations and to the rest of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to assist in safe evacuation and disposal of e-wastes. Our service personnel have adequate experience and the necessary expertise to treat any kind of e-wastes in small or bulk quantities.

Along with dismantling the electronic devices offered for collection as e-waste, we help in complete data security of the devices, by fully erasing it by overwriting, using the latest methodologies and technologies at the source of collection. When required we too shred the data containing components of the offered e-wastes for making sure that the data of the e-waste gadget or device are completely lost.

Along with customers of Abu Dhabi, we also provide our services for global e-waste management in Sharjah, also on easy financial terms.

Our e-waste management services are available to customers, spread all over UAE. We are also poised to treat and manage the e-wastes generated in other developed and developing countries as well. Over the years, we have gained sufficient experiences to offer our high end services to the global customers, too.

Our cutting edge technologies are suitable to safely extract the precious metals and other derivatives, thereby maximizing the management of e-wastes.